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When conflict arises, your business shouldn’t pay the price. We are grateful to BHM BIZ magazine and B-Metro for publishing Wade’s article on “Business Divorce”. Contact us today if you need help protecting your company. At RichardsonClement, defending business is our business. Click here to read the article in its entirety:

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Why Your Company Should Have an Attorney on Retainer

Your company is successful.  Things are going well.  As the owner, you’re focused on growth and personnel management.  Then conflict arises.  It may be an employee who is upset about getting fired, a breach of contract, or a competitor is infringing on your intellectual property rights.  What do you do?  For the larger companies, the answer is easy.  Call your lawyer.   But many small businesses find themselves in a bind because they didn’t think they could afford one, only to find they can’t afford not to have a lawyer on hand. Continue reading

The Business Divorce

Protecting Your Business in Circumstances of Conflict

By Morris Wade Richardson, RichardsonClement, PC

Divorce is typically thought of as the legal separation of a husband and wife. Likewise, a “business divorce” is the legal separation of the owners, and thus ownership, of a privately-held business entity. Like in a marriage, a business divorce generally suggests serious disagreement by the owners on how the business should be run. It can also involve equally similar emotional drama as a marital divorce. Many reasons can lead to the desire for a legal separation of the ownership of the business. The business divorce can be clean, or it can be messy. Continue reading

How Long Should I Keep Those Business Documents?

How Long Should I Keep Those Business Documents?

– Darrell Cartwright

It’s a paper world.  In your business and even in your personal life you have documents that seem to just accumulate. When it’s spring cleaning time, do you just throw caution to the wind and throw all of them out? How about scanning all of the documents to your computer’s hard drive, hopefully backed up properly to the Cloud or to another safe location, and then destroy the underlying document? Continue reading

Holiday Business People

There is something genuine that shines through the upcoming holidays—whether it’s a time of personal thanksgiving, or celebrating a long-awaited gift from God. In the flurry of preparations, sometimes the light is quenched by the press of Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. But even behind these retail extravaganzas there are real people taking and filling orders, waiting on you at the cash register, and serving your food. Yes, there are business owners hoping to bring their balance sheets into the black, but behind this activity are parents, spouses, children and the hope for the genuine that shines through the activity. Continue reading


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-Morris Wade Richardson

Benjamin Franklin’s axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly applicable to business continuation and succession plans. When problems arise between or among business owners, key employees, and other investors, provisions in the governing documents of the organization should help prevent unintended or catastrophic consequences to the business due to unresolvable disagreements. This is particularly true in family owned and closely held businesses where any number of personal or relational issues can interfere and cause disruption of an ongoing business concern. Continue reading


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