Finding a Good Business Lawyer

Finding a Good Business Lawyer 

A Lawyer is an Advocate

Having a good business attorney can be among a company’s most important assets. That’s because a lawyer is an advocate. Wade Richardson, an attorney with RichardsonClement PC says, “A business owner needs someone to be an advocate and advisor for their company not only when times are good, but also when the going gets tough.”   “You need someone in your corner willing to engage in the fight on your behalf and on behalf of your business,” he says.

A good business lawyer helps by:

  • identifying and avoiding risk for the company
  • helping protect a business against internal and external threats
  • helping to accomplish business goals in the face of legal obstacles or challenges
  • being an advocate in times of conflict, particularly when the business and its continued existence is at risk

Characteristics of a Good Business Lawyer

Good attorneys can be found in large firms, small firms, and as solo practitioners. It’s important to identify one who understands the needs of the business and can act as a trusted adviser, counselor, and advocate.  Richardson says, “Your attorney is your spokesperson and you not only want to approve the message, you want to approve and be comfortable with the messenger.”

Richardson advises business owners to meet with their attorney regularly to maintain the relationship. This helps the attorney have a good understanding of the needs of the business. “You will be amazed at how often the right attorney can help you with difficult business issues, and help you keep your legal costs down over the long run through regular consultation,” he says.  A good attorney should identify potential legal problems in advance, and save the company time and money over the long run.


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