Finding the Right Lawyer Takes Time

Finding a Good Business Lawyer

Finding a Lawyer Takes Time

A business attorney can be crucial to the overall success of a company. But a business owner should never wait until something goes wrong before seeking legal advice. One reason, finding the right lawyer may take time.

Wade Richardson, an attorney with RichardsonClement PC says just as any relationship takes time to develop, an attorney client relationship is no different. He advises getting recommendations of business attorneys from others in the same industry, as well as the business owner’s banker or accountant. “Educate yourself by asking questions about the strengths or weaknesses about the lawyer being recommended,” Richardson says.

Once a business owner identifies a potential attorney, Richardson recommends meeting with and getting to know the attorney while sharing your vision and the company’s needs. “A good business lawyer should be willing to meet with you without charging a fee, to get to know you and your business in the same way you want to get to know the lawyer,” Richardson says.

Once a business lawyer has been identified, the owner of the company should sit down with them on a regular, ongoing basis to maintain the relationship. “You will be amazed how often the right attorney can help you with difficult business issues and help you keep your legal cost down over the long run with regular consultation.”

A good business attorney can help a company identify legal problems in advance and can save a company time and money through regular, ongoing consultation.

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