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Finding a Good Business Lawyer by Wade Richardson


Part 1 of 5: If you own a business, finding a good business lawyer can be one of your company’s most important assets. Learn how to choose the best one to represent your company and why you shouldn’t wait until times of conflict to have an attorney on your side.


When Does Your Company Need a Lawyer? by Wade Richardson

Part 2 of 5: If you’re a business owner, don’t wait until a crisis to hire a business attorney.
Learn why it’s important that your company has an advocate in good times and bad and how having the right attorney can be crucial for the overall success of your company.


Finding the Right Lawyer Takes Time by Wade Richardson

Part 3 of 5: A business owner should never wait until a crisis before seeking legal advice. One reason, finding the right attorney may take time. Learn the steps to identify the right business attorney and why regular, ongoing consultation could save your company time and money.


Interview Your Attorney by Wade Richardson

Part 4 of 5: Just like when hiring a potential employee, a business owner should always interview a prospective attorney. Learn the 6 things a business owner must find out before hiring a business attorney.


Legal Fees by Wade Richardson

Part 5 of 5: No one likes to talk about money, but a business owner should not hesitate to ask how legal fees are handled when interviewing a prospective business attorney. Find out how business owners can influence the fee arrangement to be more beneficial for their company and what all good attorneys should be willing to offer.


What is a Trademark? by David Malick

What is a trademark and why does your company need one? Learn the four types of trademarks and the one piece of advice you should follow when building your brand.


Use It or Lose It by David Malick

The saying “Use it or lose it” is true when it comes to protecting your brand. But oftentimes “using it” isn’t enough. You may be surprised to learn how many common words in the English language were once trademarks by iconic companies that lost their brand. This video contains important advice for new business owners who are cultivating their brand.


5 Things to Know Before Starting Your New Business by Darrell Cartwright

Starting a new business is an exciting and rewarding time. But it can be a little frightening too.
Learn the five things you must know before starting your new business and why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure.


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