When Does Your Company Need a Lawyer?

Finding a Good Business Lawyer

When Does Your Company Need a Lawyer?

A business owner can easily become so consumed with the day to day tasks of running a company, they overlook important decisions that could affect the overall health and well-being of their business. One of those critical decisions is when to hire a business lawyer.

Some business people wait until something goes wrong before they consider calling an attorney. But having the right business lawyer is crucial for the overall success of a company. Wade Richardson, an attorney with RichardsonClement PC says, “If a business owner waits until a crisis hits to call a lawyer, they are then often left scrambling to find one who can meet their needs. It’s no different than waiting until you’re at death’s door to prepare a Will or plan your business succession.” Richardson explains that under such circumstances, it is difficult to obtain the best results or accomplish what you could if you had planned in advance.

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Winston Churchill once said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” Richardson adds, “Particularly in today’s litigious culture, waiting until the lawsuit papers are served sometimes leaves you at the mercy of the first lawyer you see, which may or may not work out to be in the best interest of you and your company.”

Almost every business, regardless of size, can benefit from the advice and counsel of a lawyer, in good times and bad. One benefit of retaining an attorney early is to build a relationship. Building a strong relationship takes time. This will allow the lawyer to gain a deeper understanding of the business owner and their company. The attorney will also educate the business owner on which issues are important to have attorney involvement as they arise.

Richardson advises business owners to meet with their attorney regularly to maintain the relationship. This helps the attorney have a good understanding of the needs of the business. “You will be amazed at how often the right attorney can help you with difficult business issues, and help you keep your legal costs down over the long run through regular consultation,” he says. A good attorney should identify potential legal problems in advance, and save the company time and money over the long run.

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